When you think about locksmiths, the first thing that pops into your head is likely to be the guys who can unlock the entrance doors for you when you are locked out of your house in the middle of the night in your pajamas and deal with car locks when you have lost your keys and cannot get to the most important meeting of your life time! It is true that many locksmiths can easily help you out with all of the above and much more, including personal and commercial safes.

Many pros work with safes lockout, problems with combinations, install and repair safes at reasonable prices. If you need to install the safe, fix a broken lock or unlock the safe in case the key is lost or the combination doesn't work. Keep in mind, though, that not every advertised locksmith has the skills to work the safe, so before you make an appointment make sure the company you selected knows their way around safes and have experience with your problem. The last thing you need is someone who has no clue what he is doing and you have to pay for it!

lost keys

Replacement Keys for Lost One

What can you do if you lost keys to safe? Besides freaking out and pulling your hair out, try to make sure that the key is really lost in the first place. When you are absolutely sure that it is really gone and not laying peacefully in the freezer or inside your sofa, the next step can be activated! If you are not in a hurry to open the safe for at least a week, you can get a hold of your safe manufacturer an request a key replacement. It is a simple solution to get a duplicate key, however it takes time and you need to provide tones of details about the safe, such as model and serial number, receipt of the purchase etc. You might have to send some sort of formal request with your signature on it and there is a fee for the copy key service. 

Pick a Lock of the Safe

Most likely, you wanted to access your safe when you released that you cannot unlock it, meaning that you need the items inside the safe right now. As tempting as it sounds, and as easy as it seems in the movies, you might try your luck in breaking into the safe. In 99.9% of such attempts, the result is a damaged safe that cannot be fixed, because today safes are made to deal with pick a lock, drill attempts and even withstand fire. It is unlikely that you will get to the needed result with a hammer and screwdriver. On the opposite, the safe is likely to get broken and you might end up with an injury. The easiest way to pick a lock is to call your local locksmith to unlock it for you with the right tools, gadgets and skills.

Drill the Safe

When picking a lock is impossible, and this usually happens with high security safe locks, drilling is the next step to get the safe open up. Do not feel frustrated if your locksmith suggests to drill the safe open. If you absolutely have to access your items inside and cannot wait for replacement key from the manufacturer, you will have to, unfortunately, agree to drill the safe open.

Change the Lock

Not a lot of safes have this possibility, but some models do allow you to replace the lock in case the key is lost. If the locksmith drilled the safe to unlock it, it would be possible to replace the lock with a new one and provide you with new keys to it. Experienced locksmiths do not only deal with key safes, but also with mechanical dial combination or pin code dial lock in case you forgot the combination or there is some malfunction with the lock.

If You Still Want to Try to Unlock the Safe on Your Own Without Our Help

Losing the key for the safe and not being able to unlock it, especially when you need the items inside right away can be extremely stressful. There are various ways to open the safe without calling for locksmith services. 

Simple safe can be unlocked without a key using a small knife with a pointy tip. Insert it into the key hole and wiggle it slightly from side to side. The lock will open up within seconds if performed correctly.

Safe with digital panels might create the illusion of complexity, however these can also be overrun with the right set of gadgets. If you can get a hold of chisel with flat elongated tip and a hammer, you can try to unlock the safe by yourself. Put the chisel where the pin code is pressed in and hammer it in. The idea is to move the dial panel away. Once this is removed, you will see screws an knobs in front of you. The silver knob should also be moved aside using the hammer. Once you have removed these layers, you have access to an opening. Put your finger into the opening and at the bottom of it there should be a button. Press on the button and the safe should immediately open up.

What Can I Do When I Lose My House Keys?

Safe aside, we can help you out in various situations including those when you cannot enter your own house. Locksmith profession is focused on unlocking, fixing, rekeying and changing locks for the clients. So if you find youself locked out of your home or car, for the fast and safe results, it is advisable to call us to open a lock for you without a key. We have the right tools and methods to open the door without damaging your property in any way. It is worth to call us, instead of dealing with the damages inflicted on the door and locks if you try to break in on your own. Our locksmith fees are fair and budget friendly in Hamilton area.