If you drop by the mall or any hardware shop you can find tones of commercial hardware products available to public such as window channel balances, various access control products, astragals, weatherstripping, glazing Vinyls and accent tape, Commercial Door Locks, hinges, thresholds, commercial pivots, Door Stops and Holders , Keyed Locking Unit Handles and Pulls, Commercial Locksets, magnetic locks, keypad locks, digital and biometric locks, exit devices, fire panic bars and so much more. There are billions of various solutions for industrial use and personal security, but buying the items is not enough. You need a professional skilled technician to install it for you. This is where we enter the scene you help you out. 

Installation of commercial hardware requires hard work and precision. The quality of the product and overall service must be the top of the top because of frequent use of the hardware in stores and offices. The more people you have in your working environment, the faster locks and keys wore off.  Our staff at Hamilton Lock Service makes sure to assess your security needs, find all possible solutions and pick the best option for your commercial protection - from push fire panic bar to keyless entry - we have done it all many times for our loyal clients. You will see the quality of our work with long-lasting results and installation that does not wear off quickly after just couple of months of use.

What type of commercial hardware is there to choose from?

Electronic hardware for commercial purposes have more delicate mechanism and larger span of things that can go wrong with it. Maintenance of such hardware is necessary to ensure proper use and desired results. Sometimes the problem is as little as changing batteries, other times it might involve cleaning, propping and switching to newer parts internally or externally. It is important to understand that once you have your keypad, for example, installed in your office, it is crucial to follow the proper guidelines to extend it's life time and functionality, just like you would do with your washing machine, dryer, air-condition, automobile, mobile phone and so on.

Push hardware is a great solution, however must be high quality to sustain all those pushes and pulls it will get from your, your employees and the clients. While designed specifically for that purpose, push pedal can break into pieces, causing problems on the way in or out. So whether the entrance handle is for pushing or pulling to enter or exit your office or store, be ready to select high quality product in order to ensure smooth flow of clients and workers to your business. Despite the complexity of the above mentioned mechanism, we deal with installation and fix any time of the day, all around our community area. 

Are you locksmith company near me?

Most of commercial hardware is required to be tougher and more difficult to pick then the regular residential locks, levers and deadbolts. This is important to secure your business and valuables from break ins and burglar attempts. The harder it is to pick and drill, the more likely for intruder to give up and move on. Today there are many options for pick proof and drill proof locks for your working environment and we have them all in our mobile locksmith van when we come to your doorsteps!

Our agenda is simple yet requires a lot of brainstorming and skills - your business needs to be secured and resistant towards theft and break in attempts. 24 Seven Locksmith Hamilton your one answer to all of your major business issues with electronic solutions, keyless options, master key systems and other means of security. Give us a call for more details any time of the day. We are available for 24 7 emergency locksmith requests and scheduled appointments for short term and long term security projects.