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Safe Unlock Hamilton gives you full power to keep your valuable belongings protected. Whether you want to hide important documents from curious family members, or keep your check books unreachable by strangers, or lock your guns away from kids. There are just too many reasons to use safe and as years go by you realize that it is a necessity in each house hold. No matter how high tech your safe was years ago, the locks wear off and new innovative gear and equipment comes along making your outdated safe an easy target.
Safe Unlock Hamilton can help you out with the problems and issues that you have with your safe, one of which is safe lockout. This is when you are unable to unlock your own safe even with the right number combination and correct pin code. Before you take your hair out and try to unlock the safe by banging on it with a hammer, we strongly suggest to call the professionals in Safe Unlock Hamilton to deal with jammed safe lock with the right tools and equipment. It will save you a lot of nerves, wasted time, bent hammer, still-very-much-locked and now completely-unusable safe and locked valuables that are still stuck inside.
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In all the movies and TV series you have ever seen, all you need to crack a safe open is to put on a sky mask, jump over a huge ventilation system, almost drawn and then miraculously unlock the vault with a hair pin. In movies the robbers crack the safe lock within seconds and run off with millions of dollars before police rushes in.
In the real world, however, if you try to unlock your safe without the proper gear, you will end up with a damaged lock and a huge bill from the vault manufacturer with repair fees. The best way to deal with a safe lockout is to call a professional Safe Unlock Hamilton to help you out. We come with the right equipment to open the safe doors without damaging the property and the valuables inside. Keep those hair pins for your daughters' ballet classes and let us do what we know best.
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Combination safe locks are very popular among residential and commercial owners. All of our clients have valuables to keep away from prying eyes of intruders or even from certain members of family. It is common to store social security cards, savings bonds, all kind of important documents such as marriage certificates, birth certificate, diplomas, traveling passports, will, signed prenup, property ownership approvals and other valuables not only away from strangers but also protected from natural disasters and accidents such as fire or flood. In other words, it is wise to keep your sensitive information tacked securely away.

Unlocking a safe is not easy as it seems and there are 4 possible ways to crack open a vault lockout

Personal safe locks are very common, mostly because they do what they are intended for and you need high standard skills in lock hacking to be able to open a safe without damages within reasonable amount of time. We are professional safe locksmith service near you to troubleshoot your problem with the correct methods and upgraded equipment.

Prying - the oldest technique from the textbook

This is one of the least effective solutions in unlocking a safe and it involves prying the door and the bolt work out of the door frame of the safe. Obviously, with enough strong pressure and many hours of sweating, pushing and pulling, the end result is an open safe, but most likely the damages are beyond repairable. Speaking of prying, this is something an expert locksmith in Unlock Safe Hamilton will avoid at all cost. 

Cutting - another possible method for unlocking a safe

Another method, unlikely to be used by professional locksmith, that will likely to do the job and unlock that vault door. This is when a torch or a saw comes into action and basically cuts into the safe. Why locksmiths are not big fans of this particular technique? Most customers not only want to open their safe, but also keep using it afterwards. Cutting through is extremely noisy, creates total mess and damages the safe beyond repair, depending on the material the safe is made of. 

Manipulation - time consuming but favored method to safe cracking

Safe lock manipulation can take some time and customers find this method rather exhausting. Although there is no mess or noise involved, and the safe will stay intact without damage and need for repair, waiting for that vault to open might be frustrating. Manipulation involves a local locksmith figuring out the combination of the lock by touch or sound the safe lock makes when the dials are turned to the right number. Some locksmiths come in with stethoscopes to be able to hear those vibrating sounds clearly in order to uncover the code combination. Be ready to stay still and wait for at least an hour while locksmiths do their magic. This is definitely one of the favored method, but not all locksmiths are skilled enough to perform it and not all clients have time to wait for so long.

Drilling - common technique to safe-opening

The name speaks for itself. This is a common method to unlock a safe, involving the drill of a hole into the safe. Once the hole has been made, a special tool is used to go through it and give the locksmith a proper understanding and visual of the lock from the inside. Despite the fact that you have a hole in your safe after the procedure, only cosmetic repair is needed to put your safe back to use. Do note that if you safe isn't an old one from the 90s, it might have advanced high security interior and inexperienced locksmith unfamiliar with the latest manufacturer locks won't be able to drill and most likely will cause a complete damage to the property.

Scoping - similar to drilling method in unlocking safe

Borescope Unlock SafeWith scoping a technician drills a small hole into the safe and use borescope (an illustration of the tool is on your left) to peek around the inside of the safe to be able to figure out way to unlock the lock. In case of glass re-lockers or manipulation-proof high security locks, this method is one of the best option to unlock safe. Scoping is not messy, noisy only during the small drill of the tiny hole and leave your safe with minor need for repair. 

One of the most important factors to consider during a Safe Unlock Hamilton

Forget about Hollywood crime movies and focus on the fact that on your own it is almost impossible to crack safe open. Factors that influence your success involve manufacturer, model of the safe in question, the size of the combination safe lock, high security tags and protection and overall skills and tools in hands.

Calling untrustworthy technician will only cause you more damage, so why waste time and money on someone who has no clue in safes and might ruin yours completely! Let experience Locksmith Hamilton do the job for you. We have all the required equipment, training and daily expertise to assist you with your lockout problem. Our team goes through constant training and updates about the latest industrial innovations. Hire locksmith with skills because this is the only way to unlock safe with minimum damage and expenses.


We will make sure to keep you stress-free an guarantee to deal with safe lockout effectively.
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