Did you just move to a new apartment? Have you bought a new home? Is your landlord thinks it is alright to just unlock your door without prior warning? Did you break up with the ex and didn't get your spare key back? Don't know who has access to your home? Lost your keys and now worried that someone might have picked it up? Do you want to change locks in your personal residence? You can stop worrying now because it is our job to provide you with the best solutions to your locksmith needs at the best prices in town. We deal with new bedroom lock, install multiple locks on all doors in a new home, pick a lock for lockout situations and rekey locks to be used with a new key. We can do it all, even if you have got locks from a store and tried to install them but didn't succeed. There are many reasons for not being able to install the locks properly and it is our profession to help you figure out the problem and find the right solutions. You do not have to run back to the store for new locks or try harder to make it work. Our skilled 24Seven Hamilton Locksmith Service technicians are ready to be dispatched to your location or your home and get the problem under control immediately. 

 Residential Locksmith

Lock change

A lot of requests we get from the clients involve the urgent need to change the locks. One of the many reasons for it is the change of residence and the immediate worry about the safety of the family and the valuables. When you move to a new place, you will never know who had and still has access to it, how many key copies has been made and who can easily access your personal space without you even knowing about it. Even when the house is brand new, you should take under consideration that the contractor team responsible for the house or apartment most likely to have made several spare keys to your house. 

So if you and your family want to feel safe, it is necessary to change those locks and get yourself a new set of keys. We come to you fully equipped with various tools and gadgets to either rekey the locks for you or offer products such as five pin security locks or high security locks much more advanced and safer than the regular residential lock choices. Keep in mind that today there are locks who are if not unpickable but definitely very hard to pick. This increases your chances for having a safe and sound life in your own home. So even if your lock is still functioning properly, you might want to upgrade it due to rising crime rate in the area. Or maybe you leased a place for someone to live in and now that the tenants moved out, you want to make sure that they do not have access to the house if they try to come back in. Another reason for a better lock is when you get locked out of your own home. Whatever reason you have, we are ready to assist you promptly at fair prices.

Lock Repair

Not always new locks is a solution to your worries and requests. Did you know that a professional locksmith can get your lock repaired in no time. There are just too many reasons for your lock to stop working properly. It can happen today, or next month, but it sure happens to every one of us. Maybe the lock was installed badly in the first place, or maybe it sustained some sort of damage inflicted by the tenants, you or even a possible break in intruder. If your lock stopped working, locksmith can assess the situation, check out the pins inside the lock and if possible, reassemble the pins to make the lock functional once again. Keep in mind, though, that it is possible that instead of repair your lock, it could be advised to replace it due to the age of the lock and its inability to work properly if it has been worn down completely. Our team is skilled to assess the problem of the lock and make the right decision based on the situation - either fix a good working lock or replace it with a new one.

Re-key Lock

Have you ever heard of the option of re-keying your locks in Hamilton? It isn't a widely used term and, honestly, not a lot are aware that there is an actual alternative to changing your locks. Rekeying locks is one of our common tasks our trained technicians deal with daily, and we are proud to be one of the few locksmith companies that actually suggest this option in the first place. To re-key your lock you take the existing lock that you have instead of installing a new one, and replace the pins mechanism inside to work with a different key. In most cases, our clients are either not aware of this option and we are there to explain and provide it, or the client has a special tailor made lock or antique valuable lock that you don't just go ahead and replace. In this case, the clients are aware of the rekeying option and request our mobile locksmith technicians to perform the re-key on the lock instead of changing it.


We are here to solve many other residential services you require. Even if what you need is not mentioned on this page, give us a call and tell us what you need. We are available at any time of the day, every day including weekends and holidays. Call us now at 905-8693217

Review of some of the Residential Services we offer at the cheap prices

  • Home lockout - we are fully trained to unlock doors and vehicles of all sorts
  • Basic deadbolt installation and repair
  • High security lock installation and repair
  • Pick a lock
  • Rekey locks
  • Mailbox lock replacement or repair
  • Key replacement
  • Key cutting
  • master key system
  • Lock Cylinder repair
  • Remove broken Key
  • Keyless entry
  • Peep hole installation
  • Chain lock
  • Garage lock repair and installation
  • Lock upgrades