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Locked Keys in Car or House - Locksmith Hamilton

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You never really consider making a spare key until things go south and you end up losing your keys, or you lock yourself out of your own house or vehicle. Unless you have proper training and experience in opening locked doors, it is rather difficult if not impossible to pick a lock on your own without professional assistance.

That being said, many still wish to try to open their car door without a key or try to unlock the house door using several well-known techniques before calling for help. In this article we will briefly go over your options for unlocking various doors without having a key on you, aka lockout situation 101!


Unlocking a Car Door Without a Key

The success of unlocking a car depends on the vehicle model in question. Locking mechanisms have changed and improved greatly in the last decade, therefore newer car models with advanced locks and remote controls transponder keys are very difficult to unlock compared to the older vehicles which can be opened manually. 

Unlock Door Lock Without Keys

Car Door Opening Technique #1 With the Help of Shoestring

It sounds too easy and far fetched, but you have to see it to believe it. One of the car unlocking techniques is with one of the items you most likely to have on you at all times - your shoestrings. If your car door lock uses pull-up mechanism to open the door - you are in luck. Make a loop, leave enough string for pulling. Push the string into the door - the main agenda is to get that loop around the lock and pull it up. Be patient, it can take ages to work, but practice makes perfect. 

Car Door Technique #2 With the Use of Coat Hanger

You must have seen this method on TV shows and movies. Coat hanger is an old way to get the car door opened. Although rather time consuming, it can safe you the fee of calling the local locksmith. 

The idea behind this technique is to twist the hanger so that it can fit into the stripping of the window. Once in, you can try and move it around back and forward until you hit the locking mechanism. It takes a while to find the right spot, but if you are tight on money, this is a way worth trying to safe money.

Car Door Technique #3 With the Use of Rod and Screwdriver

Here you need couple of things - screwdriver, rod and time. One thing to understand is that from this point on, any damage caused to the door is on you. The tools used in this method can and most likely will cause damage to your vehicle, so before you proceed, make a quick assessment of costs involved in fixing the door versus the service of the locksmith. 

Car Door Technique #4 With the Use of a Slim Jim

Older car models can be opened with slim jim tool we have all seen billions of times in all action movies involving car hijacking and house break ins. If your car has newer type of locks - this is not a method you can use.

Car Door Technique #5 With Professional Locksmith Services Near You

We always say - leave the job to professionals. If you have no experience in unlocking doors, for your own safety call your local locksmith for help. The damages you may cause to your car door or house lock can be much more expensive to fix compared to calling locksmith with professional tools and equipment to make the job done right there on the spot. 

Unlock House Door Without Keys

Same as car locks, house door locks can be old-type and easy to break in, or newer version of high security locks that are more complicated to unlock.

Open House Door Technique #1 With the Use of Bump Key

Bump keys are designed to unlock pin based locks set in most houses and apartments. The idea behind the bump key is to get in the right position of the pins inside the lock and, puff, the lock opens up. 

Unlock Home Door Technique #2 With the Use of Lock Pick Tool

Get your hands on lock pick set and you can pick a lock in your own home without any assistance. You might want to watch some tutorials over youtube to get to know your set, practice a bit here and there to get a hang of it and you are all set. The lock picks can be purchased online and there are cheap options for any budget.

Pick a Door Lock Technique #3 With the Use of Paper Clips

Paper clips and hair bobby pins can be used for lock picking with some experience and practice. These are one of the most common items you can find laying around in your bag, car or garage and surprisingly can be very effective with various types of locks. If you do not have girls around your daily life to spread hair pins everywhere you can possibly think of - you can try butter knife instead.

Pick a Door Lock Technique #4 With the Use of Credit Card

Simple locks with a standard spring can be opened with a credit card or any other kind of plastic card. Just put it in the gap between the door and the frame, push it carefully deep and, if you are lucky, the door will unlock.

Open a Door Lock by Calling a Locksmith

All the methods above might work, however it is both time consuming and not necessary effective. If nothing works, give your local locksmith a call. They come fully equipped and experienced to unlock those doors for you. It is useful to get to know couple of reliable companies before you get yourself into trouble. You will have no time to read up reviews online when you need to get back inside the car or house and it is freezing cold outside.