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Lock Rekey Hamilton is one of the most popular services requested almost daily. But what does it mean to Rekey your locks? Rekeying is an alternative and cheap solution for switching to a new key without actually changing the locks themselves. The inner mechanism, or pins, are rearranged to work with a different key and you can now take advantage of improved security at hour house or business facility. 
We at Lock Rekey Hamilton send experienced technicians to your exact location - either residential or commercial, any time of the day, 24 hours. Once we reach your position, we take off the existing lock from the desired door, install new set of pins with a new combination, make sure that everything works properly and smoothly, set the lock back into your door and triple check that the new key works well. Since we are already at your place, you can request for any other services from our pro locksmiths, ask for advice, get as many key copies as you want and get the best customer service you can possibly get in Ontario! 
Lock Rekey Hamilton
Home, Business & Auto Rekeys in Hamilton Area and Surrounding
If you look for reliable, fast and customer friendly service -  you have found the right Lock Rekey Hamilton team to assist you with your problems and requests. We work with all types of locks, not afraid of challenging situations, work fast during emergencies and make sure to satisfy our clients from the beginning till the end. 
Lock Rekey Hamilton Options and Key Service
Imagine the situation where you loose your only key from home. Or maybe you gave your house for rent and now cannot be sure whether the previous tenants have several key copies of your rented place. Maybe you hired services to renovate or clean your apartment and had to terminate the contractors abruptly, but now you are not sure whether the key was returned or not. Your personal or business security relies on your responsible maintenance of the most basic priority - the locks to your home or office. 
Another interesting reason behind rekeying is creating master key which can unlock various doors with just one key instead of dozen! So if you seek a solution to your building, clinic or shop, you might want to consider calling Lock Rekey Hamilton for key copy or master key solutions. We at 24 Seven Locksmith are the top Lock Rekey Hamilton option working 24 7!
Is it possible to rekey lock if the original key is missing?
The answer is yes, if the door is not locked or our technician is able to pick a lock to open the door. Keep in mind that some locks are harder to pick than others making it impossible to rekey. When this happen, the only available option is to change the lock. Good news is that we come well prepared and equipped with various types of lock models and brands for you to choose from simple to high security ones.  And we will perform the task on the spot without the need for a new appointment. 
How long does it take to rekey locks?
The time needed to complete the project depends on how many doors are involved, is there the original key which can open the door and what are your requirements. Overall, larger business requests with master key system involved might take up to 2 hours. Domestic jobs are faster and easier to manage and should take plus minus half an hour.

About Us

Locksmith Hamilton in Ontario makes sure to provide high quality long lasting solutions to any type of issues you might have with your locks. When you find yourself in an emergency situation which requires immediate attention by professional specialists, we are the right team to call because not only we are fully trained and experienced, but make sure to treat our clients with up most respect, understanding and give answers to any of your questions. There are no hidden fees and our prices are affordable if not the lowest in the area. We take care of your safety and do not leave until you are satisfied with the result.


Locksmith Services

When our techs come to service your needs, you can finally breathe out and relax. Our top professionals know exactly how to fix, install, rekey, unlock, repair, restore an unjam residential and commercial doors, cars and other locks. 

We promise to provide fast and effective help to all clients with all types of locksmith services such as:

  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Emergency
  • Automotive
  • Rekey locks

Commercial Locksmith and Security

Commercial Locks include various Hardware and Door accessories from Handle Sets, Cylinders, Knobs and more, needed to secure your house from unwanted intruders and security breach. Our technicians can repair or install deadbolt locks, fire panic bar, rekey locks, solve lockouts and much more.  

Auto Locksmith

All of us have bad days. It turns super bad when you cannot unlock your car. 24 7 emergency car lock and unlock solutions is what you need when you have troubles with your vehicle. Our car locksmiths specialists deal with rapid car locksmith service 24 hours a day at the moment of your request. Everything from opening cars, making new keys, replacing transponder key, programming keys, replacing car locks, Re-keying and more.  

Emergency Locksmith

Lockout problems happen more than you think and we at Locksmith Hamilton make sure to be ready to take your call any time of the day, day or night for all types of lock issues and problems right to your location. Our staff is trained to offer automotive services at fast speed. We respond rapidly to any types of request and problems. Most importantly, stay calm when trouble strikes, otherwise you can cause damage or create danger to yourself or your loved ones. Give us a call to get immediate help. Locksmith Hamilton, ON helps with all types of car you have, house locks or office keys. 

"Locksmith Near Me"

Wherever you are right now, our service is available for you at any time of the day. Our agenda is to be fast, reliable and offer long-lasting effects. And since troubles can happen at the most inconvenient moment, our job is to be there to help right that moment. Give us a call now and consult our representatives about your security problems in your home, vehicle or business at we at Locksmith Hamilton, Ontario (locksmith in 647 area), is there to help!

Locked Keys in Car

Unfortunately, no one is safe from it! Your keys can break down, or you might lock the keys in the car by mistake. It happens to so many people around you and this is one of the most popular request we respond to. Step number one is to stay calm and call us. Step two is to wait for us to come to your location and help you out without causing damage to your vehicle. Our prices are low and the quality is best.