Are you locked out of your home, apartment, working space or even your own car? There is no way to get back in, there is no spare key and all the windows are closed. Did you lose your keys or maybe someone stole them? We know how you feel, but most importantly, do not panic because Emergency Hamilton 24 Seven Locksmith service is here to safe you from this predicament in no time! emergency locked outFirst of all, we have really good news for you - we are open 24/7 and do not close neither on weekends, nor on holidays. If you want an immediate response to your urgent matter, we are the team to call for to answer you fast, come to your location within 30 minutes and solve the problem within minutes right there on the spot.

No matter what kind of problem you have got, we treat every emergency request very seriously and every customer matters. Lockout can be not so serious, when you just wanted to drop by a shop and buy another pack of cigarettes. On the other hand, this situation can be extremely dangerous, when for example the lockout involves toddler or a pet stuck in the car or in the house without proper guidance. In this case, where there is danger to life, we are extremely cautious and effective, because someone else's security depends on our every move. You will not wait for until our dispatched technician reach your location. 

Now, there are situations when after the lock out has been resolved, you might want to consider changing or upgrading your current lock. For example, if there was an attempted break-in and the lock has been damaged. Or since you already have the locksmith at your service, you want to make some updates for your residential means. Depending on the initial problem, our technicians may suggest several desirable changes in case your security is compromised. You can then decide whether this is something necessary for you and whether you wish to perform the work done right that instant or you can simply schedule for the technician to drop by another day at your most convenient time.

The bottom line is that whatever situation you have got on your hands right now, our expert locksmith techs can assist you right away. We are dealing with all sorts of emergencies on a daily basis and our experience is beyond any other company in the area. From unlocking bathroom doors, to locked out in pajamas outside the freezing cold. We have seen it all, we unlocked it all. Dial our number today for immediate assistance or free consultation. We are ready to give you advice to any lock & key question you might have.


  • House lockout with any type of lock
  • Office lockout - we can pick a lock in minutes
  • Car lockout - even if the key is lost, we can solve the problem
  • Locked in babies and toddlers
  • Locked in pets
  • Change locks after break-in
  • Domestic violence - rekey locks
  • Unlock trunk of any vehicle
  • Windows locks
  • and much more!