The world doesn't get any safer. In fact, it is completely the opposite, with the crime rate climbing to the roof. The first question you should ask yourself is of course how to avoid it, however when you are already in the situation when your security has been compromised, you need a reliable 24 Hour Hamilton Locksmith to resolve your problem quick and effectively whether this is residential, automotive or commercial issue.


The world doesn't get any safer. In fact, it is completely the opposite, with the crime rate climbing to the roof. The first question you should ask yourself is of course how to avoid it, however when you are already in the situation when your security has been compromised, you need a reliable 24 Hour Hamilton Locksmith to resolve your problem quick and effectively whether this is residential, automotive or commercial issue.

In the last couple of years personal security measures have increased dramatically in order to minimize the possibility of home intruders and theft. In order to provide your family and home reliable and secure home environment, it is crucial to consider the latest fast and innovative devices that drastically improve your overall well-being to the maximum security level.

When it comes to the basics, your door locks are the first thing you should check and maintain. There are numerous options right now available to public with various lock high-level features and upgraded coding which is unlikely to break. With that being said, while you improve your personal security in fear of intruders, but you also increase the change of getting locked out of your own car an home. When this happens, it is impossible to unlock the door on your own. 

As annoying as it may seem at first, there is a quick solution to the situation like this. If you need an immediate assistance to unlock entrance door, pick car lock, make a spare key, rekey locks after attempted burglary, install new set of locks, repair lock and other similar issues, the answer is closer than you can imagine. Just call your local 24 Hour Hamilton Locksmith service to get full assistance and fast help right to your doorsteps or any other remote location in our community 905-869-3217.

24 Hour Hamilton Locksmith


Series of unfortunate events can happen to any of us, any time of the day, anywhere in the city. It can happen when you are working in your store, clinic or law firm. It can strike you when you go outside your house to get your mail. It can surprise you when you accidentally lock your pet in the car and have no way to unlock the door on your own without special equipment. In most cases, most of us don't even think about a spare key until we get into an emergency lockout! When it is too late to think about what you could have done to prevent it, give our specialists a call to get those doors unlocked for you in the matter of minutes. 

We strongly advice to assess your current security measures in commercial and residential housing in order to prevent the next possible crime. Today most criminals go for easy targets and by not having top quality locks and proper window latches can cause your home and business some serious losses and potential dangers from unknown intruders. Make sure to go over all the locks and see how well it works, turns and protects your property in order to ensure the saver environment for your employees or your family members.

24 Hour Locksmith Hamilton makes sure that you and your loved ones are properly secured. We offer various services to help you with automotive, commercial and residential locksmith issues. 24 Hour Locksmith Hamilton employs skilled professionals with years of experience in the industry. We make sure to take care of our clients and stand by our spotless reputation in the community. If you seek a honest, certified locksmith service across Hamilton, Ontario, you have found one of the top company in your area.

24 Hour Hamilton Locksmith is not only your local keys and locks problem solver. Apart from basic locks and keys issues which, let's be honest, every single household has one time or another, our skilled professionals can help you with other means of security and provide high level innovative technology in locksmith industry to improve your safety and overall security to both business owners an home residents.


24 Hour Hamilton Locksmith can provide you with overall assessment of your living space and find possible security pitfalls where the forceful entrance may occur including doors and windows. After the proper review, you can brainstorm together with our technicians how to improve the security systems and locking mechanism to work property and keep your house safe. Security inspections can be scheduled at your convenient day and time, and is offered at low cost rates for the residents in the Hamilton area. Receive expert advise and consultation based on your property weak spots and act accordingly to improve your safety today.



First of all, do not panic. You are in trouble but we can help out immediately. In urgent cases, quickly dial 905-8693217 for immediate assistance near you. Lost you key or locked out of your own house? Cannot enter your apartment because the key broke inside the lock? The ignition is jammed and you cannot start your car? Whatever your Emergency is, we are ready to assist you right now with replacement, installation, repair, rekey and pick a lock solutions.



Reputation of the local locksmiths is a must, because only specialists can really provide the residents with the proper 24 hour locksmith services at best rates. Are you having a lock problem? Hamilton, Ontario techs are ready to give you efficient quick solutions. We take care of our clients and your safety is on top of our list. Dial  905-8693217 for urgent or scheduled appointment and we will reach your doors or any other location within the next 30 minutes.

Our daily tasks include 

Key creation

Safe opening

upgraded deadbolts installation

electronic locks

security systems

top notch service and client support

high quality lock sets and parts

24 hour service day or night assistance

immediate key replacement

spare key creation

removal of broken key in the lock

rekey solutions

master key setup

Our commercial clients take advantage of our business related solutions to avoid crime and break ins. Did you know that most businesses suffer crime losses from the inside jobs rather than unknown thieves? It is important to go over your company security measures to be able to control and eliminate the possibility of unauthorized access to prohibited areas. Sometimes you provide the employees extra keys which can, of course, be copied or lost. How can you possibly control and maintain your office security?


For commercial projects, we provide the following solutions

improve office security

install security equipment

wide range of emergency solutions

key cutting


master key setting

emergency repair

panic bar installation

keyless entry

file cabinet unlock

safe lock pick

Lost key

Broken key

and many other security measures.

24 Seven Locksmith is committed to fast, affordable and effective job done. We will make sure that the job is done to your complete satisfaction. With our reliable 24 Hour Hamilton Locksmith technicians, whether home, office or vehicle lock issues will be solved in the most professional way possible. 

is also reliable and fair when it comes to vehicle lock issues. They will handle the situation if ever you lost or break your key. Professional, reliable, fast and complete automotive locksmith services are delivered. Our staff is updated and constantly educated about the latest innovations in the security industry to be prepared for any types of surprising and uncommon situations related to all types of locks, keys and car models. We make sure to know how to deal with them all.

Don't think you have a security pitfalls? Assess and maintain your security level periodically, because new things are invented every day and bad guys are aware of them first hand. They learn and adopt to be able to break in, and it is your responsibility to be one step ahead. Make sure that you can step out of your home or office without worrying that your loved ones are in danger, or that your valuables may be stolen. 24 Hour Hamilton Locksmith is here to help you increase the security and take away the potential danger. Prevention is the key to successful and peaceful living.